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Sometimes it’s easier to tell deep complex stories with animation.

If you have an interesting product, lecture, idea or cause and want to show people what's on your mind, then let us help you.
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Video Production, Costum Animations

Music Video, Shortfilms, 2D Animations

Illustrations and Video Adds

Animations, Video Gingels, Dynamic Adds

Illustrations and Layout Design

Drawings, Templates, Corporate Designs

Why us?

Memorable 2D Custom Animations

Our studio specialty is to bring characters to life through 2D animation so they play their rightful part in your story or animation project.


We take your brief and create a visual development of your idea, regardless of the need for your project: character/creature design, environments, props, vehicles, or a complex request.

Flexibility and Diversity Worldwide

We delivered in more than 10 countries worldwide, from the US to Great Britain through Hungary till Australia and New Zealand. Check out our testimonials!





countries worldwide

Our studio excels at creating memorable characters and thrilling animations.

We create our own stories and characters, and we have a plethora of stories to show & tell – and like a good wine – all of these have been developed and matured over the course of time.

We explore, create, conceptualize, design & develop characters so that they properly fit into their story and their surroundings.

Funday Animation Studio is a state-of-the-art animation company which develops and produces computer-generated animation feature films of the highest level, based on original stories.

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